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The Mother Buffer

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The Details

Q: What is a buffer and why do I need one?
A: Your guitar's tone is being choked out by cords, pedal circuitry, line noise, etc.

Our buffers provide you the opportunity to have your guitar shine through your rig again. Place this between your guitar and before your first pedal on your board (for example - use it where you think it sounds best!).

The buffer filters out some garbage coming from your guitar while at the same time, loading your pickups with the proper impedance to deliver a lively guitar signal through your pedal chain. We weren't believers until we actually plugged one in and A/B'd our buffered and non-buffered signal...

  • Bring back the tone of your current guitar rig
  • Colors: Black or White
  • LED in Various Colors
  • Requires 9VDC
    (2.1mm neg tip power jack only, a.k.a "Boss" style barrel plug)
  • Point-to-point construction in a metal housing
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LIMITED SUPPLY. It's not out of the realm that yours will be built specifically for you when you order...
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$79.95 (+ shipping)

*USA availability only.