About Us

About Bullhead Amplification, Inc.

Founded in 2005 by Musician/Master Builder Scott VanFossen, Bullhead Amplification set out to build boutique, hand-wired guitar amplifiers and also perform some sweet modifications.

These amps are alive and an immense labor of love. The heart and soul built into each amplifier is strong and unyielding. Use it wisely. Bullhead Amplification IS the epitome of self-made rock 'n roll.

Our mission is to deliver the high-quality crafstmanship with excellent, usable guitar tones eminating from a svelt, timeless piece of road-worthy gear. It's paramount that a guitar amplifier can serve many different masters...and do it well.

"I need an amp that can rock on a stage and be able to have the same energy easily captured in the studio or in a home practice setting," notes VanFossen. He adds, "It just has to be able to do it on all levels, be unique, and look killer doing it. Those are the types of amps I build."

We can understand issues faced by modern musicians on and off the stage, and in studio settings. Many different factors affect our builds such as versatility, longevity, and usability.

Some features of our builds include:

  • All-tube circuitry
  • Hand-tested components with high tolerances
  • Finger-jointed baltic birch cabinets
  • Custom tolex, custom options, and modifications
  • Extensive QA testing before shipment
  • High attention to detail due to low build volumes
  • ...only to name a few.


Please take a look around at the featured galleries, build pictures, enhanced media, videos, etc. Custom-build amplifiers are available by request.
Current and future customers can contact us here: info@bullheadamplification.com