What's your warranty on the products?
It's a limited-lifetime warranty for the original owner only. Please see our Warranty Info section below.

When can I expect my amp?
Depending on workbench volume, a general rule of thumb we go by is about 6-8 weeks from the time that you have placed the order. Possibly, you can receive your order sooner than that, but there is NO guarantee of that. "RUSH" processing is available, but may include an upcharge. Please inquire.

Why does it take so long to get an amp from you?
Patience, Grasshopper. --- It's built by hand. We make sure your amp is exactly how you want it, fully test it, and stamp our name on it when we see fit. We make sure that once it leaves our bench, it will provide you a lifetime of enjoyment. We take pride in our work and also the fact that it's BUILT IN THE USA! You should also take pride in the fact that your amp is unique and built like a tank. We don't just stamp out cookie-cutter amps that you can purchase at big box stores; this shows with our high build quality.

I live in a country other than the United States. Can I buy something from you?
Unfortunately, we are only selling our products within the United States at the moment. We plan on expanding our sales to Canada and Europe if time, energy, and money permits. As a side note, our amps are wired to work using 120VAC ONLY!

Can I work on my Bullhead Amplifier?
No. There are no user-serviceable parts inside of our amplifiers. To add, amplifiers contain LETHAL voltages and can injure and/or kill you if treated in a negligent manner. DO NOT WORK ON YOUR BULLHEAD AMPLIFIER. Bullhead Amplification, Inc. and any affiliates are not responsible for any injury and/or death. If you must have your amplifier serviced, please send it to us. Please inquire.

What if I'm exeperienced in working inside guitar amps? Will I void my warranty if I work on mine?
Yes, you will void your warranty with Bullhead Amplification if you work on yours and/or somebody else's Bullhead amp and/or Mother Buffer. There are no user-serviceable parts inside of our amplifiers. DO NOT WORK ON YOUR BULLHEAD AMPLIFIER. LETHAL voltages exist in amplifiers and can injure and/or kill you. Bullhead Amplification, Inc. and any affiliates are not responsible for any injury and/or death. If you must have your amplifier serviced, please send it to us. Please inquire.

If I order The Mother Buffer or a t-shirt, when can I expect the order?
Depending on inventory of The Mother Buffer and t-shirts, it may be mailed the day following your order. Aside from our t-shirts, our amps and buffers are basically on a build-to-order basis. Sometimes we all luck out and will have something ready to go for you for a fast turnaround time!

Do you do endorsement deals with artists?
Maybe. Please inquire: info@bullheadamplification.com - Subject line: "Artist Endorsement" - We can have a conversation from there.

Warranty Info

Bullhead Amplifiers are backed by a limited lifetime guarantee against defects and workmanship to the original owner. Tubes, speakers, abuse, and or physical damage to the chassis or cabinet are not covered by the warranty. Shipping charges for warranty work shall be the responsibilty of the owner. Any negligence, abuse, physical damage, and/or misuse will void your amplifier and/or buffer warranty. There are no user-serviceable parts inside of our amplifiers.

Unauthorized modification by the owner or another technician other than Bullhead Amplification will void your warranty. Bullhead Amplification is not responsible for damage/injury/death caused to anyone or anything resulting from misuse, abuse, or the unauthorized service of this product. Always connect our products to a properly grounded wall outlet. Unplug from the wall outlet when the unit is not in use. Lethal voltages are present inside the chassis of this amplifier when turned on AND off. There are no user serviceable parts are inside any of our products. Bullhead Amplification reserves the right to fully evaluate a warranty claim and ultimately decide if it is covered under Bullhead Amplification, Inc.'s Warranty Policy.

Refund / Return Policy

  • No returns for a cash refund.
  • Customer may exchange for an amplifier/product of equal or lesser value only.
  • If you would like to exchange the product, you must do so within 7 days of receipt of product. Please email your request: info@bullheadamplification.com
  • All exchanges must be approved by Bullhead Amplification, Inc.
  • Shipping charges for the exchanged amplifiers/products are responsibility of the customer.
  • Exchanged amplifier must be in new, unplayed condition. Final determination on product's quality is that of Bullhead Amplification, Inc.
  • We reserve the right to deny an exchange if product is not returned to us in new condition.
  • It is not Bullhead Amplification, Inc.'s responsibility of a lost or stolen shipment to the customer. Customer is responsible for providing accurate shipping address information. Lost/missing shipments are not the responsibility of Bullhead Amplification, Inc. All shipping claims must be handled with shipping companies (UPS, USPS, FEDEX). We require a copy of the claims made to said shipping companies and reserve the right to verify any shipping claims.