2024 Bullhead Amplification "Paragon" Head

2024 Bullhead Amplification "Paragon" Head

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Did you ever get so excited about a new piece of equipment that you couldn't wait to get your hands on it?  Well, that's how we felt in trying to get the Paragon to the hands of you, the player. 100% Stoked.

If you have been looking for an amp that is two foot switchable channels, does sweet cleans, mid-gain grind, and crushing high-gain, you've found the answer you've been needing. The clean is also so clean, you can run an acoustic through it with great result, cutting down on the need for extra equipment in live gig settings.

Introduced at Summer NAMM 2017 with a groundbreaking Clean channel with simple two-know setup, Clean Vol/Tone knobs using proprietary circuitry, was demonstrated to be clean enough to handle acoustic guitars as well as electrics.

The 2024 Bullhead Amplification, Inc. Paragon Head and Cab are 
outstanding solutions to your live and studio setups.

See the NAMM 2017 Premier Guitar interview on it here:



  • Dual Channel, foot-switchable (foot switch included)
  • Ch1 Clean, Ch 2 High-Gain
  • Master Vol, Presence, Depth
  • Ch1: Volume and Tone controls
  • Ch2: Volume, Gain, Bass/Middle/Treble EQ
  • Serial Effects Loop
  • Selectable 4/8/16 Ohm Outputs
  • Matched 4x12 birch/finger-jointed cab loaded with Celestion Creambacks (SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • 12AX7 preamp tubes.
  • Available in 20W (6V6 power tubes) or 50W (EL34).
  • Standard Arctic coloration shown, custom available upon request.

If there are none in-stock, a Custom Shop order will be started to work on the assembly of your new Paragon. This listing and pricing is for the Paragon Head.


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