Welcome to Bullhead Amplification, Inc.

We are a boutique guitar amplifier company and custom shop founded in 2005 and currently operating out of Las Vegas, NV.

With an array of guitar amplifiers, buffer solutions, and custom options, not all products can be listed here. Please inquire at
info@bullheadamplification.com for additional pricing questions to bring your custom build to life.

After 35+ years in music, we know our line of product satisfy our deepest tonal desires and achieve it with style, consistency, and bullet-proof construction.

We have been featured on Gold and Platinum records, Premier Guitar Magazine, Guitar World Magazine, and A-List touring acts.

This may be the first time you have heard of us, but we're confident that you've already heard us. Let's get your custom build started today and understand why so many music professionals trust Bullhead Amplification, Inc. to deliver the tone they seek.

Welcome to Bullhead Amplification, Inc's center for rad guitar, amp, and music-related stuff.

There are hats and shirts are here you might want to buy, but Custom Shop amp orders are placed via www.bullheadamps.com!  Thanks!

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